LEADERSHIP National Board

The purpose of alpha Kappa Delta Phi's National Board is to commit itself to becoming an active and integral part of the sorority's core. The governing board manages the organization on a national level. There are currently 18 members on the staff, all volunteers who commit personal time towards the betterment and well-being of our organization. To learn more about the opportunity to serve on National Board, contact us.


President Nga Pham University of Michigan, Ann Arbor president@akdphi.org
Vice President Amy Chou University of Chicago vp@akdphi.org
Officer of Judicial Affairs Katherine Wang University of California, Santa Cruz judicialaffairs@akdphi.org
Officer of Standards & Development Emily Pai University of North Carolina osd@akdphi.org
Officer of Education Shyrelle Lebrias University of South Florida education@akdphi.org
Officer External Affairs Michelle Leung University of North Carolina externalaffairs@akdphi.org
Officer of Internal Affairs Julie Lang Virginia Tech internalaffairs@akdphi.org
Treasurer Victoria Yeow Stanford University treasurer@akdphi.org
Secretary/Historian Jialin Lee University of Washington secretary@akdphi.org
Expansion Advisor Diemmy Nguyen University of South Florida expansionadvisor@akdphi.org
Northwestern Governor Danelle Go University of California, Santa Cruz nwgovernor@akdphi.org
Southern California Governor Kim Tran California State University San Marcos socalgovernor@akdphi.org
Southwestern Governor Jennnifer Jin University of Texas, Austin swgovernor@akdphi.org
Northeastern Governor Theresa Cao Cornell University negovernor@akdphi.org
Northeastern Lt. Governor Michelle Tu Cornell University neltgovernor@akdphi.org
Southeastern Governor Molly Chheath University of Virginia segovernor@akdphi.org
Southeastern Lt. Governor Sara Preston University of Florida seltgovernor@akdphi.org
Midwestern Governor Michelle Lee University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign mwgovernor@akdphi.org